About Me

A Kiwi living in Japan

As many of you, who I have interacted with in online teaching discussions across Japan know, until 2004, I worked at the university of Canterbury, where I taught cognitive science and its relevance for education. At that time, my research interests included AI, as well as different forms of education and educational psychology. However, in 2004, computing power was of course very limited. So most of the research I did was theorectical. In 2004, I came to Japan on the JET program for what I thought was going to be a one or two year teaching experience extension. Eighteen years later and I'm still here. Cureently, I work as a Native English Teacher in Osaka, and my current school is Kitano. 
  As for why I came to know many of you through EdTech and online teaching groups in Japan, as you can see from the video on the left, my early attempts at hybrid Google Classroom teaching were clumsy and difficult.